WA Track Club

WA Track Club

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  • Lee Watts

    Lee Watts

    Jumps & Speed Coach

    Lee is a professional performance & strength coach and former USA Track & Field Olympic Trial Qualifier. Lee earned his Bachelors degree in Business Administration at Georgetown University with a minor in psychology. He combined his experiences to start an innovative sports training company in 2004. While developing a track record of helping athletes achieve their goals, Lee recognized that a key factor for consistent high-level performance is a support system that includes comprehensive training. Lee’s interest in providing a complete resource resulted in World Athletica.

  • Derick Carter

    Derick Carter

    Movement & Performance Coach

    Derick is a Certified Resistance Training Specialist, Muscle Activation Specialist and Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement Instructor at Vitality. He has spent his adult life studying the human body and movement. Derick's unique background also includes the studying of Tai Chi, Qiqong, and numerous eastern movement systems. His exploratory nature and creativity have drawn him to develop and teach programs that capture these principles for audiences in ways they can apply and quickly improve towards their goals.

  • Dr. Michael Ripley

    Dr. Michael Ripley

    Alternative Medicine Sports Doctor

    Dr. Ripley's knowledge of the body and experience are profound. His ability to identify and work at the source of movement concerns has allowed him to help numerous people efficiently recover from injury and perform better. Dr. Ripley has contributed to the well-being of high school students to Olympic medalists and professional athletes. While running his California based practice, Dr. Ripley has been a long-time member of the LSU Track & Field Sports Medicine staff and has help athletes achieve success at World Championships and Olympic Games.