Speed Enhancement Program

Our Speed Enhancement Program is a 30-day course that provides advance athletes with exclusive coaching to improve starts, acceleration, velocity and change of direction.

We provide you with the strategies and technical instructions to realize enhanced performance by:

  • Improving your directional limitation
  • Better assuring your planes of movement
  • Preventing nonessential planar movement
  • Preventing collapse within the same plane of movement
  • Improving your ability to rotate through the kinetic chain
  • Improving your range of motion
  • Improving control of momentum

Prior to being accepted into our Speed Enhancement Program athletes are required to demonstrate a certain level of functional stability.

Functional stability consists of good posture, balance, functional mobility, functional motor patterning, neuromuscular control and movement symmetry. These skills are necessary to be able to execute the technical speed training drills in our Speed Enhancement Program with a quality that significantly improves performance.

Athletes improve their speed and agility by executing drills a certain way … not simply by doing “more” drills. Completing drills instills good or bad motor neuron patterns, also known as movement habits, depending on how the drills are executed. So, doing more drills can actually hinder performance if they’re not executed certain ways.

We recommend athletes complete our Elite Essentials and/or Strength for Speed programs prior to our Speed Enhancement Program if we determine there is a need for better functional stability.

Each participants in our Speed Enhancement Program will receive:
  • Initial and post-course biomechanical gait analyses (including video capture)
  • Eight (2/week) one-to-one or small group technical instruction sessions for starts, acceleration, velocity and change of direction
  • Full-automatically timed performance tests
  • Dynamic warm-up instruction
  • Individual range of motion enhancement program
  • Online or mobile device access to instruction and videos of dynamic warm-ups, individual range of motion program and exercises learned in sessions.

Upon completion of our Speed Enhancement Program not only will you be able to move like never before, but also you will have improved your ability to generate speed throughout your athletic career.

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