Olympic Development Program

Our complete coaching approach including skill development, physical conditioning and mental preparation helps you reach your potential when competing against the World.

Physical Conditioning

Your training program determines your ability to stand on the medal podium. The key to consistent high performance is a conditioning program that optimizes the following 3 things:


A thorough assessment allows you to precisely define your strengths relative to other top performers in your sport and identify opportunities for improvement. We conduct Fitness Assessments, Biomechanical Analyses, and Performance Skills Tests. Upon completion of our assessment, a useful athletic profile can be compiled to accurately determine or reinforce your individual performance strategy, custom-designed a training program and measure progress.

Performance Planning

A well-designed performance plan plots training and skills development to maximize your performance. Our Performance Enhancement Plan is a one page map that depicts the training emphases required to improve your overall athletic condition, reduce the risk of injury and achieve peak performance at the right times.

Training & Recovery

World Athletica and our sponsors provide Strength Training, Sports Nutrition Coaching and ART & Sports Massage in tangent with your conditioning and skills practices. Once your assessments and performance plan are optimized we design and provide a safe and effective personal training program. The more personalized your training the more likely you’ll maximize your performance.

Skill Development

Skill refers to the capacity to efficiently produce a desired result consistently. People often use the term interchangeably with ability and attempt to determine it by performance. Performance represents a current level of production. Whereas, skill is intangible and represents potential.

Despite popular belief, skill is not an endowed gift. It is acquire through systematic practice. World Athletica offers speed, hurdle and jump performance skills coaching for athletes who meet the requirements of national and international competition.

Mental Preparation

Mental state separates champions from other participants, especially during high levels of competition when athletes are similar in physical conditioning and skill level.

Mental skills help athletes realize performances at their athletic potential. People who control anxiety, concentration, and motivation can govern performance.

A mistaken belief is that psychology is a random and uncontrollable performance factor. However, psychological readiness for sport is as attainable as physical conditioning and skill development.