Elite Essentials Program

Our Elite Essentials Program is designed for athletes who have the desire to perform in the top 3% of their competition level. Elite Essentials teaches you skills essential to enhance your speed, create a lifetime of competitive advantage, reduced risk of injury and quickly learn new performance skills.

Have you read articles and books about high performance or attended group or personal training to improve speed and other performance skills but never realized the results you were hoping to achieve?

A number of sports training programs simply have participants attempt to complete drills to enhance performance. However, a lot of athletes at secondary and collegiate levels haven’t learned the kinetic skills necessary to complete performance drills without compensation. The coaches directing a number of programs require athletes to attempt repetitious drills in an effort to improve their performance based on a “more is better” fallacy. Since the coaches and trainers don’t identify that the athletes are essentially cheating through the drills the athletes never experience the improvements in performance they expected from the program.

Elite Essentials goes beyond the general concepts prevalent in basic sports training which focuses on general strength and endurance through repetitious exercise. We teach essential skills, including mind-body awareness, you need to move and train as a professional.

Redefining Training

Elite Essentials consist of courses designed so participants focus on one essential skill. Our method of training ensures that participants understand the goal of each exercise, drill and what is expected. We train to focus on more refined internal measures of improvement instead of external measurements such as quantity of reps, amount of weight or how fast something is completed. This important distinction calibrates their view of training from an amateur who primarily uses effort as a training measure to a professional that uses quality as a measure of improvement.

Realizing Success

Our Elite Essentials Program will help you achieve the following results:

  • Improved internal body map (body awareness)
  • Increased and more flexible motor patterns (options)
  • Enhanced body responsiveness, the ability to automatically adapt to new challenges
  • Better understanding of your mental and physical habits and how to overcome them
  • Better understanding of your unlimited potential and what’s holding you back
  • Develop more sophisticated strategies to reach your goals faster

The best part of our athlete development program is actually what happens next. After completing Elite Essentials you gain so much more from every exercise you perform in the future, you exponentially enhance each aspect of sports performance in shorter periods of time.

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