Bio-mechancial Analysis

Bio-mechanical analysis is an important step in designing individualized training programs that enhance performance and reduce the risk of injury.

The types of biomechanical analyses that we provide are described below:
Qualitative Analysis

Our Qualitative Analysis includes a fitness assessment and movement analysis with range of motion and gait assessments to identify opportunities to create more efficient movement.

Sport or Event Specific Quantitative Analysis

Our Sport or Event Specific Quantitative Analysis includes our Qualitative Analysis and Quantitative Analysis of sport-specific movements and actual performance captured on film. Upon completion, you receive a report that depicts opportunities to enhance your coordination, force production and speed.

Running Quantitative Analysis

During your Running Analysis we identify strength deficits, joint instabilities and range of motion limitations which contribute to excessive compensation and inefficiency in your gait. Our Running Analysis starts with a Qualitative Analysis (described above) in our semi-private studio. Next, we capture your running on film and complete an in-depth motion analysis using technology and computer software to measure joint angles and stride length and frequency.

We combine your Qualitative Analysis and data from your running assessment to analyze your movement and provide recommendations and personal training that will help you: Run faster, preserve physiological resources, decrease race times, safely return to running after injury and reduce risk of injury.