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    High Level Competition is Getting Thicker

    Track & Field has become even more competitive at higher levels. Here’s what happened at the IAAF World Championships this past August:

    7 women cleared 4.70m in the pole vault finals, an unprecedented achievement in the history of the event.

    6 women cleared 1.99m in the high jump finals for the first time ever at the World Championships.

    5 men threw the javelin beyond 87 meters in the same competition for the first time in history.

    4 Kenyan’s swept up the first four places in the men’s 3000m steeple chase which has only been achieved twice before in any IAAF World Championships event.

    3 men ran under 44 seconds in the 400m race final for the first time in history.

    2 women set national records in the long jump (Shara Proctor’s 7.07m for Great Britain, and Ivana Spanovic’s 7.01m for Serbia) and neither won the event.

    1 man, Luguelin Santos, became the fastest non-medal winner in the history of the 400m World Championships race when he placed fourth with a Dominican Republic record of 44.11.

    The major distinguishing factors for athletes that made the finals were their mental and technical skills, not just their physical abilities.

    How much higher, faster and farther can you take your performance if you minimize distractions?

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