• Quality Training Results in Personal Bests

    Repetition after repetition can increase one’s confidence in completing an event.  However, running over 100 miles per week or 100 hurdles per day won’t decrease your race time if you don’t complete your training with good form.

    Sharon Hannan, coach of 2011 100m-hurdle World Champion Sally Pearson, knows that quantity won’t get you far without quality.  An IAAF article states, “Hannan has made a career of breaking the hurdles down into smaller components so Pearson can work on them individually.” The article also quotes Hannan, “We just try to keep it really simple and work on one or two things at a time.”

    If you’re completing a lot of volume without good technique then you are reinforcing bad habits.  Good athletes can compensate well during practice.  You compensate when you can’t perform a movement efficiently because of weakness, fatigue or existing injury.  Also, attempting to perform an exercise that is too high of a level of difficulty will cause you to compensate.  The tendency to compensate increases when our muscles fatigue during a workout and too much compensation leads to injury.

    Ensuring excellent technique before adding volume to your practice not only improves speed and performance but also reduces the risk of injury.


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