• Is Your Serious More Serious than Your Competitors’?

    I was recently reading an IAAF article about Carmelita Jeter, the 2011 100m World Champion.  The article quotes her agent, Chris Layne, as saying, “She (Carmelita) goes to bed at 8 o’clock and gets up at 6 am. .... Put it this way, she doesn’t goof off during the season like so many others do. She eats, sleeps, breathes this job. She looks at this as her job.”  I mistakenly hadn’t picked Carmelita to be the Gold Medalist.  After reading Chris’s comment I learned something I didn’t know about Carmelita.  She is a very serious athlete.  Carmelita made it to number one because she is very disciplined in addition to having a lot of talent.  Also, she allows herself to be guided by John Smith, a phenomenal coach.

    Being top 30 in the World is a remarkable accomplishment. Making it to number one is a whole different thing, which takes more than talent alone.  A common fallacy is to think that athletes achieve great success simply because they’ve been blessed with a special gift.  Athletes, be aware and recognize that people with less talent who are more serious can surpass you.

    Ever ask yourself whether you are serious enough about an endeavor? A question that I ask myself periodically is, “What could a person more serious than me be doing that I’m not?” So, I’ll end this entry by asking you, “Is your serious as serious as your competitors’?


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