• Do These 3 Things for Peak Performance

    Ask any elite athlete: talent alone only gets you so far.

    The secret to standing on the medal podium is to combine your genetics with a personalized, well-defined training program. Athletes with well-planned, safe and strenuous preparation regularly outperform more talented athletes who don’t train smart.

    To achieve consistent high performance, you have to optimize three things – your strategy, your plan, and your training and recovery.

    1. Assess Your Strengths

    Every athlete is unique, and there are an infinite combination of anatomical, physiological and psychological variables that effect each person’s ability to generate and sustain force and coordinate movement. Simply because another athlete has had success with a certain approach doesn’t mean that it will work for you.

    To optimize your performance, the first step is to identify a training strategy that fits your athletic profile.

    Modern technology allows sports professionals to determine your kinesthetic and physiological strengths and identify opportunities for improvement. Assessments, including biomechanical, oxygen usage, threshold and performance skills tests, provide the data you need to define your strengths relative to other top performers in your sport. The results from your science-based assessment can be used by experienced coaches to precisely reinforce or revamp your individual performance strategy and custom-design an effective training program to best achieve your goals.

    2. Map Your Progress

    If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

    The solution: a well-designed performance enhancement plan (example for a runner) that provides you with a precise map to determine where you are at a point in time relative to your goals and upcoming competitions. Your performance enhancement plan will plot your training and skills development to maximize your performance.

    3. Implement Your Personalized Plan

    The smarter you train, the better you perform. A lot of athletes don’t achieve their goals because they don’t train at the intensities that their goals require. 

    Assessments and a performance enhancement plan give you a science-based place to start—then you have to put the data to work for you in the form of a personalized training program that includes the right frequency of workouts, optimal intensity, appropriate recovery times, and more.

    Top athletes train smarter with personalized programs.


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