Strength for Elite Speed | Jumps

  • Date: Oct 15 - Nov 10
  • Instructors: Lee Watts
  • Location: North Bethesda, MD
  • Price: $480


World Athletica's Strength for Elite Speed | Jumps course helps you break performance plateaus and reach new levels of competition

Our Strength for Elite Speed | Jumps course focuses on individual performance enhancement and prepares you to conquer the demands of your events or sports positions. We help you improve your athletic performance and reduce the risk of injury by providing custom training tailored to enhance your strengths and minimize your performance limitations.

Participants in our Strength for Elite Speed | Jumps course will achieve some or all of the following results:
  • ♦ Improved body awareness
  • ♦ Optimized strength
  • ♦ Increased muscular endurance
  • ♦ Improved running efficiency
  • ♦ Improved acceleration, velocity and agility
  • ♦ Better stability, balance & coordination (improved neuromuscular control)
  • ♦ Improved range of motion
  • ♦ Enhanced breathing
  • ♦ Enhanced body composition (more muscle & less body fat)
  • ♦ Increased metabolic efficiency

The difference between our Strength for Elite Speed | Jumps course and other strength training programs is our professionals provide you with exercises and coaching so your hard work in the weight room really translates to enhanced acceleration, velocity and efficiency on the track and field.

Each Strength for Elite Speed | Jumps course participant will receive:
  • ♦ Event or position performance needs identification
  • ♦ Individual stability, strength and movement assessment
  • ♦ 8 Small group strength training sessions (2 per week; coach to athlete ratio of 1:3)
  • ♦ Individual coaching to optimize stability, strength, power and stamina
  • ♦ Individual range of motion (stretching) program
  • ♦ Mobile device access to instruction and videos of individual stretching programs