• stability, range of motion

Stability & Range of Motion Clinic

Oct 30, 2017 - Nov 11, 2017

Upon completion of our Stability & Range of Motion EAD Clinic each participant will know how to establish and maintain excellent functional movement, essential for unlimited performances and reduction of risks of injury.


Our Stability & Range of Motion Elite Athlete Development (EAD) Clinic is an invaluable course that provides athletes with instruction to develop and maintain functional movement for their events.

Excellent functional movement is a necessary foundation for high-level performance skills (power, speed and agility) and event technique development.  Without good functional movement athletes not only limit their performance potential but also accept significant risk of injury during intense practice and competition.

During 6 sessions spanning 2 weeks you will enhance your functional movement and reduce your risk of injury by learning how to:
  • ♦ Improve body awareness
  • ♦ Improve balance
  • ♦ Improve posture
  • ♦ Improve range of motion
  • ♦ Improve motor patterning
  • ♦ Improve neuromuscular control
  • ♦ Improve movement symmetry
  • ♦ Breathe more effectively
  • ♦ Reduce movement compensation

Each Stability & Range of Motion EAD Clinic participant will receive:
  • ♦ Individual qualitative stability and movement assessment
  • ♦ 6 Small group training sessions (3 per week; coach to athlete ratio of at least 1:4)
  • ♦ Individual coaching on how to enhance functional movement
  • ♦ Individual stability and range of motion enhancement programs
  • ♦ Access to mobile device instruction and videos of individual stability and range of motion program


  •                         Time: TBD                      
  •                         Coaches: Lee Watts                      
  •                         Location: North Bethesda, MD                      
  •                         Fee $297 USD