Jumps Biomechanics Clinic

  • Date: April-May 2018
  • Instructors: Lee Watts
  • Location: North Bethesda, MD
  • Price: $1,560


World Athletica’s Jumps Biomechanics Clinic helps you break performance plateaus by optimizing your power and technique.

Our Jumps Biomechanics Clinic helps you achieve higher levels of performance by providing technical instruction and individualized conditioning to improve movement efficiency and jump performance.

Participants in our Jumps Biomechanics Clinic achieve some or all of the following results:
  • ♦ Improved vertical leap
  • ♦ Increased horizontal jump distances
  • ♦ Increased power
  • ♦ Enhanced body awareness
  • ♦ Improved stability, balance & coordination
  • ♦ Improved neuromuscular efficiency
  • ♦ Improved range of motion

We provide Performance Assurance by preparing and coaching you to practice a certain way, not simply by forcing “more” exercises. Efficient or inefficient movement habits are instilled and reinforced, depending on how you practice. Performing “more” drills limits and can hinder performance if you don’t execute them certain ways.

Our Jumps Biomechanics Clinic includes:
  • ♦ Qualitative and quantitative movement analyses
  • ♦ Body composition analysis
  • ♦ Individual conditioning and technical instruction
  • ♦ Eight weeks of small-group training sessions (three per week)
  • ♦ Jumps performance tests including video capture and analyses
  • ♦ Weekly conditioning programs accessible from anywhere via mobile devices

Our Jumps Biomechanics Clinic is not limited to track & field athletes. We provide elite athlete development for any sport that requires you to jump and move fast.